Implementing a Customer Relationship Management System in Your Organisation

CRMCRM is a tool with huge potential for any organisation, and its successful implementation is a serious challenge. It combines the technicalities of business process analysis with process automation, change management with selling a concept and training and support with an ongoing commitment to ensuring that the right data goes in so that the correct decisions come out.


It is  really a culture: a way of thinking within an organisation which is focused on the provision of top quality customer/client service through intelligent communications and a holistic, person-centric view of your clients.

Understanding the benefits of CRM to your organisation
  • Build and strengthen the relationships with your clients
  • Identify and provide value-added services to meet the needs of your clients
  • Improve your ability to identify and respond to needs
  • Increase staff awareness of client needs
  • Resolve client issues more quickly and efficiently
  • Make better decisions through a single view of the client
Understanding the requirements and processes of your organisation

Analyise your business processes.  Document who does what and when, tracking how information (probably paper documents) move from desk to desk and department to department.  Draw diagrams and look at where there is duplication, dual entry and movement of paper.  You should begin to see how information moves about the organisation and where efficiencies can be made.

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