How can a listing in benefit my company?

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How can a listing in benefit my company?

The benefits of having a listing on (The Local Search Engine Odisha) are many, here’s a quick roundup :

1 — Get found on, on the major search engines, and on our partner sites.
2 — A business listing on helps improve your ranking in the major search engines because our business details pages are well optimized for all the major search engines.
3 — Include a link to your own website to draw relevant prospects directly to it.
4 — Show prospects more about your business with a customized page including photos, videos, detailed marketing information and even more.
5 — Improved ranking in the major search engines because our site and the business listing pages within it are well optimized for the major search engines.
6 — Our SMS text service allows you to send business information to your cell phone at no cost.
7 — Due to the popularity of the name and strong user experience, thousands of visits happen every month to find products and services to buy.
8 — Most of our listings are published online within 6-10 hours after verify the contents by our quality team, so that you start enjoying the benefits without further losing out on opportunities
9 — We will make instant updates at any time, and if you want to claim and promote your business with photos, videos, marketing information, widgets and more its practically to do that too.*

How do I make my listing appear near the top of the search results?

Our search algorithm puts some weighting on recently updated or reviewed business listings, such that ‘currently active’ business listings get some degree of priority in search results. You can start by regularly inviting your customers to review your listing. We won’t guarantee that you’ll always be number 1, it depends upon what other claimed listings present an exact search match, but you can be sure you’ll be right up there.

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