Apollo Clinic – Multi Speciality Family Clinic at Gadgadia, Balasore

Apollo Clinic – Multi Speciality Family Clinic at Gadgadia, Balasore
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+91-94394 54650
Business Address:
Sanjay Heights
Gadgadia, Nalamganj, Proof Road, Balasore
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Short Business Description:
Apollo Clinic was created to address the day-to-day healthcare requirements of a typical family. We bring expert services, medical talent, advanced technologies, superior quality diagnostics to the neighbourhood, making healthcare of International Standards accessible to every individual.
No. of locations:
1-5 Physical Location
Days of Operation:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Modes of Payment:
Cash, Credit Card, Debit Cards
Long Business Description:

Facilities Available : Digital X-Ray, CT Scan, Ultra Sound, T.M.T., ECG, Clinical Pathology, Electrolyte Analysis, Thyroid Tests, Expert Opinion by Specialists, Comprehensive Health Checkup, EEG, PFT

Departments : Cardiology, ENT, Gynaecology, Medicine, Nephrology, Neurology, Orthopedics, Neuro Surgery, Paediatric, Urology, Surgery, Pul. Med, Rheumatology, Oncology, Eye Specialist

Doctors Name and visiting Timing | Apollo Clinic Gadgadia, Balasore
— Dr. Amitabh Jena, (Oncology) 1st Sun, 10AM to 5PM
— Dr. Amar Ch. Bardhan (Medicine) Wednesday 3PM to 5PM
— Dr. Ajit Kumar Surin, (Rheumatology, Apollo Hospital) Friday 10AM to 2PM
— Dr. Babita Panda, (Gynaecology, SUM Hospital & IVF) 4th Sun, 10AM to 2PM
— Dr. Brajaraj Das, (Cardiology, Apollo Hospital) 4th Sunday 10AM to 2PM
— Dr. Gopal Charan Nandy, (Gynaecology) Sat 2PM to 4PM
— Dr. Heramba Narayan Praharaj, (Neurology, Apollo Hospital) 2nd Sat 10AM to 2PM
— Dr. Imtiaz Ghani (Orthospine)
— Dr. Ivarani Hazira, (Gynaecology) Wed 6PM to 8PM
— Dr. Jyotirmay Chaudhory (Physiotherapy)
— Dr. K.C. Das (Gastrology) 2nd Sunday
— Dr. P.K. Nayak, (Neuro Surgery, Sparsh Hospital) 4th Sat, 10AM to 2PM
— Dr. Purna Chandra Das, (Paediatric) Mon & Wed 10-12AM & 6-8PM
— Dr. Rabindra Ku. Mishra, (ENT, SCB Medical), Sun & Tue 10AM to 4PM
— Dr. Rashmi Ranjan Mohanty (Orthopedics) Every Tuesday
— Dr. Sambit Das, (Diabetes, Apollo Hospital) 2nd Sun 4PM to 5PM
— Dr. Samarjit Pattnaik, (Orthopedics, Apollo Hospital) 4th Sunday 10AM to 2PM
— Dr. S.B. Rath (Gynacology) Every Monday 10AM to 12PM
— Dr. S. Iqbaluddin Ahmed, (Senior Medicine) Sat 10AM to 12Noon
— Dr. Subodh Ku. Bej (Surgery) Every Wednesday
— Dr. Suleman Rehman (Ophthalmology) Every Day 4PM to 7PM
— Dr. Tanmaya Panda, (Surgery, Apollo Hospital) 2nd Sun 10AM to 1PM
— Dr. Tapas Ku. Das, (Medicine) Mon to Sun 11AM-4PM & 5PM to 8PM
— Dr. Y. J. Reddy (Cardiology) 4th Sunday, 4PM to 6PM

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