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Swaasthya Care hospital – Polyclinic|Diagnostics|Pharmacy at Motigang, Balasore
Address: Balasore
Locality: Motiganj
Short Business Description: Swaasthya Care is empowered with a team of talented specialists in different fields to offer the finest private healthcare in Balasore with latest medical standards. We care for individuals and family members during every stage of life. Our Clinic has been in the forefront of providing modern healthcare facilities to the local population of Balasore.
Call A Diag – Home Healthcare Service in Bhubaneswar, India
Address: Bhubaneswar
Locality: Gajapati Nagar
Short Business Description: Call A Diag is an initiative by oeuvre technologies and consulting with the aim of providing an integrated healthcare service on a single platform to customer at there location of convenience. If a person can not move out of home or is caught in an emergency situation and doesn’t have the access to diagnostic and care faculties, we’re just a call away.
Getapoyo – Preventive And Curative Healthcare Service at Doorstep From Brahmapur, Odisha
Address: Brahmapur
Locality: Baikuntha Nagar
Short Business Description: Apoyo assures quality health care services to you and your loved ones. We are a team dedicated in providing verified professional for all your health needs. We are very stringent on the quality of service that is rendered. With services like medicine delivery, pathology tests and our uniquely designed health packages we ensure that “Your Health Always Remains Our Priority”.
Astang Ayurveda – Eye Clinic Hospital In Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Address: Bhubaneswar
Locality: Pokhariput
Short Business Description: Eye is one of the vital organ of human being. vision is precious. Without vision day is dark. ayurveda does have specific medicines and treatment for eye care. there are certain eye diseases which are considered to be incurable in modern medicines .diseases like diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma are managed by ayurveda eye care.
Aphro Care Sex Clinic in Pokhariput, Bhubaneswar
Address: Bhubaneswar
Locality: Pokhariput
Short Business Description: Aphrocare Sex Clinic in Bhubaneswar, an ayurvedic consultancy and herbal medicines for sexual disorder problem. We provides solutions for sexual disorder problem.pure ayurvedic treatment and medicines by Dr. Ambika Prasad Nayak, the head physician, with service, different types of male female sexual disease like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, nightfall, poor orgasm, penis erect problem and etc…
Hello Doctor 24×7 – Doctors Service in Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Address: Bhubaneswar
Locality: Chandrasekharpur
Short Business Description: HelloDoctor24x7 in a short time has become recognized as a powerful concept, and will be a very effective provider of support to the public in need. HelloDoctor24x7 is a 24×7 health helpline providing healthcare information to the people using telephone and the internet. Your ultimate health helpline. 1 Lakh patients served, 35000 appointments booked, 3000 successful consultations achieved with 5000 top doctors of India.
Astang Ayurveda – Ayurvedic Hospital In Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Address: Bhubaneswar
Locality: Pokhariput
Short Business Description: Astang Ayurveda is an ayurvedic health care centre that provides herbal treatment and medicine consultation to the patients for different type of disease such as psoriasis, mnd, sciatica, neuro, joint, back pain along with wellness and fitness solutions. As the wellness activity we conduct different flexible packages like foot care, body care, face care, geriatric care, baby care etc. The inpatient department includes both A/C and Non A/C rooms with attached bath room supervised by a well versed housekeeping team.
Nistha Drug DeAddiction Center In Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Address: Bhubaneswar
Locality: Khandagiri
Short Business Description: Nistha is a Rehabilitation Center for Drug Addicts people ( Nisha Nibarana kendra ). We are providing Drug Addiction Treatment Facilities at our Center at FREE. To reduce human suffering arising out of drug addiction, NISTHA, the Drug De-addiction –cum –Research Centre was founded in 1997. Moving along the path of drug de-addiction, we came in intimate contact with drug addicts having HIV infection and some having mental illness. To them, de-addiction from drugs was not the final solution. Rather, what they needed was care, compassion and therapeutic treatment. The drug addicts with symptomatic/asymptomatic mental illness were extended therapeutic treatment with encouraging results. Management care of the Mentally Ill needs to be comprehensive & interdisciplinary that was well demonstrated.