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Maha Prasadam – Abhada Prasad at Doorstep, Puri
Address: Puri
Locality: Puri
Short Business Description: Our family fully dedicated in Jagannath Seva. Inherited we are doing this seva & we make our occupation by selling this Mahaprasad. There is a shop in the Anand Bazar no 45, named Purna Chandra Dixit. There is another shop no 27 where sells dry Mahaprasad ( khaja, gaja, khiragaja, magajladu, nunukhuruma etc ).
PujaShoppe – Online Puja (Pooja) Store | Online Puja Samagri in Bhubaneswar
Address: Bhubaneswar
Locality: UNIT IV
Short Business Description: Pujashoppe aims at being leading online supplier & provider of puja samagrai, pandits, divine gifts, puja management services online & many more. From providing kits and essential samagri for puja to help you connect with the best purohit online, from lending a hand to complete your worshipping while you are miles away from home or to gift loved one with the symbol of well being, Puja Shoppe does everything for you.
Mahaprasad Online – Doorstep Prasad service in Jagamara, Bhubaneswar
Address: Bhubaneswar
Locality: Jagamara
Short Business Description: Mahaprasad is an online web based solution to order Prasad from different temples around you. Prasad will deliver to your doorsteps after placing order on our website, also you can book the order through Phone.
Eprasad – Mandir Prasad now at your doorstep in Bhubaneswar
Address: Bhubaneswar
Locality: Patia
Short Business Description: delivering blessings at your doorstep. We aim to change the whole paradigm of having Mandir Prasad by delivering the Prasad at your home with just a click. Eprasad can partners with more than 15 mandir to provide prasad at your doorstep. Eprasad can also provide sweets from reputed sweet shops available in Bhubaneswar.
Temple Thali – Currently we have shut down our Business for temporary. Sorry for the inconveniences. We will be back soon!!!
Address: Bhubaneswar
Locality: Mancheswar
Short Business Description: People across the Capital City will no longer have to wait in long queues outside temples to partake cooked prasad or ‘Abhada Bhog’. They can now get it delivered at their doorstep at click of the mouse. Same Day Delivery Of Prasad At Your Doorstep In Between 2:00Pm And 3:00Pm.
Jagannath Puri Online – Puri Prasad service at Doorstep, Odisha
Address: Puri
Locality: Bali Sahi
Short Business Description: We are a group of young Entrepreneurs who with a pure intention of serving the devotees of Lord Jagannath started with the concept of We help people recieve JAGANNATH PURI MAHAPRASAD at home who are not able to go to JAGANNATH PURI because of various reasons like old age or lack of time etc.

There are many reasons because of which devotees of THE MAHAPRABHU are not able to come to Puri to seek his blessings , it might be because of old age,health issues or maybe lack of time etc , we serve as a medium for them to seek MAHAPRABHU’s blessings by delivering MAHAPRASAD at their home. WE PROVIDE FREE HOME DELIVERY AT ALL PINCODES ACROSS INDIA.