Microwave Oven Repair & Services

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A non-working appliance can be a nightmare. But now you do not need to worry about disrupting your daily routine and comfort.

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  • It won’t run
  • It doesn’t produce heat
  • Unable to adjust power levels
  • Touchpad control panel doesn’t work
  • Turntable won’t turn
  • Light bulb doesn’t work
  • It runs for a few seconds, then stops
  • Display doesn’t work
  • It turns itself on
  • It is sparking or arcing
  • Door will not open
  • Exhaust fan not working
  • It is loud or noisy

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  • “Low price”
  • guaranty On Time
  • Transparent
  • Best Quality Services
  • We are available for everyone and any time.

Tip for user : To avoid personal injury or death, always unplug the appliance or disconnect the power before attempting any repairs. Always turn off the gas at the source before repairing any gas appliance. Always wear safety glasses when using tools. Keep loose clothing and hair away from any moving parts. Safety is of major importance when performing any service or repair on any electrical appliance.Stay connected with us and let us know your experiences.