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The modern day life calls for vast comfort in every sphere of life. Such facility is more required by the old aged citizens as well as by the home makers.  To fulfill everyone’s rudimentary requirement is a wonderful platform that offers simply the finest of services. You can get everything in one place! Advertising.  Sales.  Service.

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 How did you come up with this idea and why this name?

A helpful hand

In the face of such complexities, there are some platforms that are there to extend the necessary help to people and the senior section of the citizens in general. A platform of providing various services is perhaps not so common an idea which is why we have come up with the idea of connecting people to the professionals of the necessary services.

We are here ( to offer time saving basic services to people who are pretty busy in their daily lives. From fixing a fuse bulb to offering interior designing. We provide the best of professional services that reduces the time of a user to get the local service provider in a better way with a low budget. We are not simply like the roadside repair personnel who service your valuable assets and bid adieu forever! We stay around until you think you have got better than the best service.

 Who are your target customer and how will you reach them?

We are a service provider platform that will help you connect to the right kind of professional for your domestic and appliances repairs, requirements of the carpenter, electricians or the painters. Medical services are always matters of concern especially when you have to leave your elders at home and go out to work.

We will help connect with the right professionals in a short time. We are targeting Home user, old age Citizen and corporate sector. We reach our customers through digital marketing, door to door campaigns, radio, news papers and bill-boards.

For your domestic needs

If you are new to the city and unaware of the place where you can find the best vegetables and the provisions, we will connect you with the local vendor, and it all arrives at your doorstep. Call us if you need the services of a good beautician in the city and he or she will be there to take care of your needs. story pix

The corporate requirements

This is not where we stop. We also have the whole gamut of professionals with us that can take care of your corporate needs like those of web development and provide the technical support for your systems. We can arrange for the professionals from the industry to give you both on-site as well as remote supports to care for your systems perfectly.

We have partnered with the best in class professionals in the individual sectors and the industries so that they can take care of your daily needs as well as provide world class corporate services. We work twenty-four by seven to cater to any kind of services. The motto is to get make the platform available to the valued customers and reduce stress from their lives and bring the best services to them.

How time-consuming or difficult was it to get started?

Well like any business ours was not very easy to start, but as we proceeded we found more and more people opting for our services and hence it gave us the opportunity to enhance our service platform. Our diligent efforts have built our reputation as the finest service provider.

What problem “” solve?

The higher the scales that technology is hitting, complexities concerning the availability of time and the necessary service features are ever on the rise. People have less time to spend for little things, yet there are scores of personal and professional jobs that need to be completed in record time. service bridges the gap between the users and businesses by helping users find relevant providers of products and services quickly. If you have any issue just visit and that’s it. Our expert Professionals can assure the clienteles that their hard earned money won’t be wasted. We never rob our clients of their money through cheap services. We are against such mal practice in the market. We maintain transparency in our work and we are proud of that.

Our Team.

Team building is both an art and a science. Currently we have a small team and we are searching those person who have some unique quality and guts to do something new. #Know More


What are the different challenges you are facing for operation?

People in Bhubaneswar are not so tech-savvy yet. The city is developing and people are learning. Users are hesitating to trust on online service. We are working on this to get that trust with us and serve our 100% to them.

Your vision and mission?

Helping clients to get great services for every platform from the finest of professionals we have. Our aim is to grow as an exemplary firm that believes in services to be offered above excellence. motto is craving to do something new and different which is unprecedented in the Odisha market.

User can contact us by any one of the three modes where our presence is explicit. E-mail us, connect with through Skype, call or Whatsapp us. All you have to do is to book a service with us providing the detailed information and the time when you wish the service professional to be present in your premises.

The second step of the process will see our customer service desk providing you with the list of prices that will suit your budget. Once you agree the service providers will reach your home or the office and you will have your requirements met adequately. The entire there step process is hassle-free, and you will not have to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to look for the best or settle for lesser services. team Team
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